The Sky’s the Limit: How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen for You

DSC_0096Having an outdoor kitchen gives you much greater culinary leeway than a conventional indoor kitchen. Although you always have the option of renovating your indoor kitchen’s appliances and counter tops to fit your needs, your ability to be creative is restricted by the limited space and dependence on electricity. On the other hand, an outdoor kitchen provides you with a much greater ability to create the kitchen that you’ve always wanted.

When you’re making plans for your outdoor kitchen, you must begin by choosing if it will become the main focus of your patio or deck, or if it will merely be an accenting feature. It’s also important to consider how much you’ll use your outdoor kitchen as well as the amount of space that will be needed. For some people, simply installing a professional barbecue into a high-quality counter top will be good enough. Others might want to have a more complex and multi-functional design. Consider your individual requirements before coming to a decision.

Regardless of the size and functionality of your outdoor kitchen, make sure to place it close to your regular kitchen. Many people find that they use both when cooking outside, so minimizing the distance will make cooking easier.

It’s also important to consider your area’s climate while you’re planning your new kitchen. If it freezes regularly in the winter, make sure that your setup can be winterized correctly. People who live in more sweltering climes or in coastal regions must protect their investment against rust. If you have any doubts about the kind of weather that occurs in your area, ask around or contact an outdoor kitchen expert.

Before you become set on any particular design for your outdoor kitchen, it is essential that you have all of the necessary utilities within easy access. That means electricity, gas and plumbing if you want to be able to use a full kitchen outside. If you designed and installed your own outdoor kitchen, it’s strongly recommended that you let professionals install the utilities. This guarantees that everything gets connected properly and meets your city’s building codes and regulations.