Emerging Trend, Fireplace Surrounds

Your fireplace serves as the centerpiece to your dining or family room, some homes may even have a two or three fireplaces.  With the winter months in Texas approaching, the fireplace tends to get a good annual workout.  A new trend is popping up, but really it’s been around a while.  Fireplace surrounds are the new/old eye catching trend among homeowners.  This combines concrete style and texture with a focal point in the home (the fireplace).

Concrete Fireplace Surrounds

If you spend most of your time outdoors, then you can appreciate the custom design of a concrete fireplace surround.  The options for design are endless, with color, textures, concrete fibers, you have a mass array of solutions to fit your taste.  A concrete fireplace surround can turn your ordinary room into something that makes the room stand out and add value to your home.

If your mantle showcases foliage, trophies, pictures, or  lighting a concrete fireplace surround is a great option.

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