5 Things to Consider When Planning a Hardscape

DSCN2040Today, more and more home and business owners are seeing the importance of a functional, appealing, and valuable exterior. Fortunately, the use of professional landscaping and installed hardscapes offer numerous benefits. However, there are a few important things to consider when planning the perfect hardscape.


Although the use of professional landscaping with hardscapes is always beneficial, it is imperative to understand the reason for constructing a hardscape. What will the space be used for? Most people are surprised by the various manners of creating a hardscape. They can be constructed to use as a walkway, pathway, border, flower bed, or patio. If the owner requires a patio for entertaining, how much space is necessary? If the owner desires a dining and cooking area, the hardscape will need to be constructed in a larger space. If the hardscape will be used for a flower bed, the area and overall look that is desired should be taken into consideration. Owners must decide how and why the hardscape will be used.


Once the function is determined, the budget is equally important. Most owners wish they had an unlimited budget to create amazing landscaping and hardscape areas. However, that is usually not the case. The budget must be determined so owners do not lose control of the design process. By understanding the need and function of the hardscape, owners can set their budget at a realistic number and work with the professionals to achieve the goals within the budget.


The topography of the area where the hardscape will be installed is also important. Owners may have their needs and design already set within their budget, but if the land does not allow the size and shape of the hardscape,the project will not be completed. Although many landscapers may be able to work within a unappealing topography, this could increase costs and the time of the project. It may be more affordable and financially feasible to change the layout and design of the hardscape.


Homeowners, especially, will desire a bit of privacy in their new outdoor spaces. During the design process of a hardscape, it is important to determine a placement that offers shade or sun and privacy if desired. Fortunately, hardscapes can be constructed up against a fence, around trees, or in the center of a sunny yard. The possibilities are endless but it is best to factor in privacy during the initial design process.


Everyone wants a personable, stylish, and functional space. When designing a hardscape, owners must think about the overall look they are desiring. They may want a formal and elegant look or a rustic, outdoorsy feel. However, many homeowners will want a whimsical look to their backyard landscaping and hardscapes. The overall style is an imperative element to consider when designing the perfect outdoor space.